We have the technical know-how, experience, personnel, material, equipment, resources and capabilities, to meet virtually all needs and requirements for any project requiring our services.

Our Team

Datum Mechanics and Employees are thoroughly schooled and experienced in Masonry Restoration, Concrete Restoration, Concrete and Masonry Structural Repair, Pressure Washing and Cleaning, Caulking and Sealants, Waterproofing and Protection, Painting and Coatings, Emergency Repairs, Façade Inspection and Evaluation, Condition Assessment, Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Service Contracts, and Consulting Services.

Our Experience

Since 1983, Datum Restoration, Inc. has completed work on many projects across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We have experience in many different sectors, including, Commercial, Educational, Institutional, Historical, Parking Structures, Condominiums and Apartments, Government and Municipal, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, and many more. Our work has ensured the longevity of these sites and structures.


While Datum Restoration, Inc. performs work, no matter how big or small the project, we pride ourselves in creating the least amount of interruption of normal operations as possible. We make this a priority on each and every project.


Our company surpasses the standards of safety, products, and equipment. We constantly evaluate our procedures, safety protocol, materials used, equipment used, and technology in order to enhance the efficiency, quality and longevity of the work we perform for each client.

Our Commitment to Safety

See our Safety page to read about our commitment to safety.

Certified Applicator


  • Tremco

  • Miracote

  • Sika

  • BASF

  • NeoGard

  • Dow Corning

  • Carlisle Construction Products

  • Watson Bowman Acme

  • Edison Coatings

  • Kemper System

  • JAHN International

LEED and Green Building

Datum Restoration, Inc. is committed to the increased adaptation of sustainable construction practices. We are proactive in our efforts to become more environmentally friendly. We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint by assuring all of our vehicles conform to current emission standards as well as reducing the idling of vehicles and equipment on all of our job sites.

In an emerging LEED and Green Building industry, specialized protocols, procedure and products must be used when working on a LEED and Green Building project. Datum Restoration, Inc. has field experience working on LEED and Green Building certified projects.

We recognize that different customers have different LEED and Green Building practice priorities. There are a multitude of reasons that a client may wish to choose LEED and Green Building products and practices. Some of these priorities include reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, water efficiency, retrofitting existing buildings and spaces, healthier air quality, and use of low-emitting materials. While others are concerned with reduced environmental impact, such as recycled content, certified wood products, locally sourced materials. LEED and Green Building can save money due to the efficient use of energy, water, and materials and continue to provide reduced costs for many years to come due to the increased efficiency across the board.

LEED and Green Building does not just involve new construction. In recent years, the LEED and Green Building industry has sharpened its focus on existing buildings, and this will only continue to become more common as owners and operators conduct deeper assessments into their current buildings and tenant space portfolios. Existing buildings comprise the largest segment of the built environment, and as building owners realize the importance of energy management, water conservation, waste diversion and materials and resources, they will find that their buildings cost less to operate, increase in value, last longer and contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment for all.

Historical Restoration and Preservation

Datum Restoration, Inc. has over 35 years of Historical Restoration and Preservation experience. We are a trusted source in this area, as we have worked closely with the various historical commissions, architects, engineers, and owners on many Registered Historical Projects. We have a vast array of salvaged materials, mortar mixes, and repair materials that enable us to match all features from different time periods. We provide all repair samples for approval by historical commissions, architects, engineers, owners and any other governing bodies.

Registered Historic Projects

  • Fairmount Water Works – Philadelphia, PA
  • Saint Thomas of Villanova Monastery – Villanova, PA
  • Independence National Historical Park – Philadelphia, PA
  • Pennsbury Manor – The Manor House – Morrisville, PA
  • Waldron Mercy Academy – Bell Tower – Merion Station, PA
  • New Jersey Legislative State House – Trenton, NJ
  • Red Bank Battlefield – Colonel Green Monument – National Park, NJ
  • Brandywine Pumping Station – Wilmington, DE