Maintenance Service Contracts

We provide our services on a contract basis for commercial structures. We will keep your structure(s) in proper condition and looking their best. We offer many options for contracts. You may choose one of our services, a few, or all of them to provide a complete structure maintenance service package. That means, we inspect your structure(s), come up with a mutual agreed upon plan, and when work needs to me done that requires our services, we take care of it for you.

Why choose a Maintenance Service Contract?

As a property manager or building owner, your time is at a premium. Without a Maintenance Service Contract, you are stuck finding someone to hire every time the need for our services arise. You will likely need to place several calls to find someone with availability, wait for return phone calls, wait for an estimate, obtain bids, and finally have people at your structure(s) completing the work that needs to be done. This process can be onerous and exhausting. Instead, opt for a Maintenance Service Contract with Datum Restoration, Inc.

Routinely, we will monitor your facilities and perform the specific work at the specific frequency in the agreed upon contract. If it is an emergency situation and your structure(s) that we maintain need an unexpected repair, we will take care of it quickly and efficiently, at the agreed upon terms in the agreed upon contract. Just another benefit that having a Maintenance Service Contract with Datum Restoration, Inc. provides you.

If you trust mechanical contractors and landscapers to maintain your structure(s) and properties in their trade, you should trust us to do the same for you in our trade!

Why choose Datum Restoration, Inc.?

By selecting us, you are choosing an expert in the field. We live, breathe, and improve the skills of our trade every single day and the extent and variety of our past 35 years of experience works to your advantage. As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to building strong relationships with our clients.

Looking for a reliable and expereinced masonry restoration company in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware? Contact us for pricing.

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