Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a must to keep costly repairs to a minimum and to help keep your facilities in good condition. We place special emphasis on detecting deterioration at its earliest stages and reducing the possibility of further damage. We provide the service on a one-time basis or will develop a customized and complete program designed to meet your specific needs for your specific structure. We will perform an inspection of your structure’s condition and provide pricing and plans to fix any issues, whether it be in our area of expertise or our trusted team of subcontractors.

Sometimes overlooked by owners and managers, Preventive Maintenance is as important to a structure as the electrical and mechanical systems. Preventive Maintenance helps to a provide a structure with a tight seal, as well as the integrity of windows and structural joints and seals. When a structure has a tight seal, it prevents the passage of air and moisture through common entry points throughout the structure. As a result, a structure with a tight seal is more efficient (lower heating, cooling, and energy costs), and the interior is protected from deterioration, corrosion, rust, and rot.

Also, Preventive Maintenance assures a continuously attractive structure which contributes to employee morale and projects a favorable image to visitors, customers, investors, and the general public.

If you trust mechanical contractors and landscapers to provide preventive maintenance for your structure(s) and properties in their trade, you should trust us to do the same for you in our trade!

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